Cabinet on Stand – Pt. 1

The last few days I’ve had this idea in my head that I haven’t been able to shake. Every


once in a while I get an idea for some future piece of furniture and it’s all I can think about until I at least get it down on paper. Well, this time it’s a cabinet on stand. I’mnot sure if I’ve been having Krenovian dreams or what, but everywhere I go lately I see a curve or a certain angle that makes me envision what this cabinet on stand may end up looking like.
Yesterday I did a quick paper sketch which helped me fine tune and experiment with a couple ideas. Today I wanted to go a little bit further and see it in 3D space. Now, I’m very much a noob with SketchUp but I had to try an get this thing built visually so I decided to push my SkethUp skills to their limit.
This is what I came up with:

Keep in mind this is a rough sketch and I have very little working knowledge of SketchUp, it should at least give you the rough idea of what I am trying to make here. The profile on the legs will be on two sides, not just one as shown. I just didn’t know how to make that happen. The trim around the top of the cabinet will have go around the front as well, again, I just wasn’t sure how to draw that. Also, the stretchers will have a slight curve outwards and all the edges of the stand portion will be rounded over and I plan to blend the transition from the stretchers to the legs so it has a little more of a Maloof look.
The interior of the cabinet will probably have one shelf and a couple of drawers. The doors will be made up of a few coopered strips and then there will be some type of handle or pull on the doors for opening the cabinet.

Most of the design influences here are pretty obvious I think. The whole cabinet on stand idea I’m copying from James Krenov. The shape of the stand legs is lossely based on Elven swords from the Lord of the Rings movies an article from David Marks that was in Fine Woodworking a year or so ago.
Anyway, this is what has been stuck in my head the last few days. It still needs a lot of refining and it won’t be built until after I finish the shutters I’m working on.

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