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I’ve been terrible about posting anything on this page. I’m not making a commitment to get better at that just yet, but I am making more of an effort on YouTube so I’m posting my latest three videos. I do actually have a couple more than I’m working on that will hopefully go live in the next month or so. Enjoy.

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  1. says:

    I have watched your you tube about gilding carved letters three times and have tried to do the same about as many times. The letters I carved are about the same size and depth as those shown. The problem I have had is that in patting the gild down into the incision, I have been ripping the gold at the bottom and so would have to ad a small piece to cover the lowest part of the incision. Will that look okay if I do that or will it look like a patch? And if not , do I need to start over and remove all the (fake ) gold that has properly adhered? At this point I wouldn’t want to proceed unless I can fix what I’m doing wrong. Thnx.

    Bob Robinson

    • Jeremiah says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see your comment. I’ve had a similar problem before. Don’t remove the gold. What I did was apply a small amount of size to the areas that were missed, let it come to tack, and then apply more gold and then brush away the excess. As thin as the metal leaf is, I was not able to tell that some spots has extra gold and others did not. Hope that helps.

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